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Audio-Video-Converter.Com Affiliate Program

Make Money

Webmasters the opportunity to advertise, promote and sell our products to their users and visitors, and earn up to 30% of each sale they make! Be one of them! Be one of us!

Earn 30% commission on every sale!

Everyone's making videos these days - just look at the success of YouTube! Now you can capitalize on this digital explosion by joining Audio-Video-Converter.Com's Affiliate Program. It couldn't be easier.

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Why join our Affiliate Program?

  • Our software is new and sells great because the program works!
  • 100% guaranteed payouts
    As distinct from many other vendors we teamed up only with RegNow, so you will get your money no matter whether a customer download a product custom build directly from your website or from Audio-Video-Converter.Com site following the link you placed on your site which leads to Audio-Video-Converter.Com product.
  • 100% tracked custom build
    We offer RegNow custom builds of all our products. Your affiliate ID will be permanently embedded in the program other than being included in the file name, thus ensure 100% of the leads drove by the affiliate will be recorded.
  • Software that Rocks!
    Our products are among the best and highly rated software on today's market. They combine lots of innovative features, up-to-date technologies yet have attractive prices that really matters for an end-user!This results in 3 times as less chargeback number on our products as compared with other vendors working with RegNow.
  • You receive 30% per sale - that's a great commission!
  • If you send us traffic you will make money!
  • Best Service - All our products provide 24*7 hours online technical support, we also glad to provide rich materials to help you promote our products, like Promotion Description, Banner, User Guide, Review and any other things you need.
  • It's free and easy!

Join RegNow Affiliate Network (our vendor ID is 11246)

If you are a novice to RegNow Affiliate Network start by filling up the registration page at Regnow.com:

Registration Link:

After you complete the sign up form, you will receive affiliate ID and further detailed instructions via e-mail.

All new affiliates are automatically approved, so you can start making money right away instead of wasting time on asking for permission to sell products!

Place links and custom builds to your website

Control your sales as never before!
There are several integration methods. Use all of them or just choose the one or combination you need.

For example, suppose your affiliate ID is 99999 and you want to earn revenue selling our eTeSoft Video Converter (RegNow product id is 11246-7) from your site.

Link to RegNow trialware:

This method lets customers download a small installer (about 150K) of the software. To have RegNow serve the downloads, simply paste the above link onto your site and your affiliate ID will be dynamically inserted as the download takes place. To host the download yourself, download the installer using this URL. And then place it on your server. The customer sale is recorded whether you host the download or have it hosted by RegNow.

"Buy Now" Link:

This method sends customers directly to the product's order form. The customer's visit is recorded (using cookies) so that even if they decide to order at a later time you will still receive credit for the sale.

Link to www.audio-video-converter.com:

This method refers the customer directly to www.audio-video-converter.com homepage. By having the customer click a link on RegNow website first, they record the visit (using cookies) along with your affiliate id, and then transparently redirect the customer to www.audio-video-converter.com. By recording the information of the customer when they visit, we and RegNow are able to give you credit for the order even if the customer orders the product months later from another website.

PAD files, download URLs and promotion materials

RegNow ID Product Pages PAD Materials
- Audio-Video-Converter.Com - Promotion Material
11246-5 CD Catalog Expert PAD XML File Promotion Material
11246-7 eTeSoft Video Converter PAD XML File Promotion Material
11246-8 eTeSoft iPod Video Converter PAD XML File Promotion Material
11246-9 eTeSoft PSP Video Converter PAD XML File Promotion Material